i just love being imitated.



     Have—- Have you
      seen a glove around here ?? 

     [ She blanches, looking around quickly. ]

                  “Uh, no —— sorry.
                         You okay, lady?”

my hand slipped. a lot.

i’m gonna head to bed, but please if you’re on and would like a thing whenever i drag myself to my feet ——- !!!!

inFamous: First Light + Photo Mode (8/??)
xhighbeams: pass me that canjaa boatduck
keptmyhairshort: d A M
keptmyhairshort: katjaa me duck can boat sarita
xhighbeams: i think u mean
xhighbeams: katjaa lee duck boat can sarita, carlos
keptmyhairshort: d A M
keptmyhairshort: cARLOS
keptmyhairshort: WH
keptmyhairshort: WHY CARLO S
xhighbeams: IDK IT JUST CAME OUT
keptmyhairshort: c A R LO S
keptmyhairshort: b E N
keptmyhairshort: B ENO HYM GFOD
   Mun, I'm curious. Why do you think Eugene is a dick? I've always seen him as a potential dick on the Evil Karma path by quickly becoming the bully he's always despised. But I never really read him as a jerk in his "neutral" state.

i’m too tired to type out all my reasons but you can basically find them all on this post.

'i offer my invited guests salvation, not suffering.' is his response when delsin asks where the suspected conduits have gone. eugene honestly believes he's doing good work, and he is, but he handles the situation with delsin's involvement very poorly. instead of coming clean and admitting he's the conduit delsin has been looking for, he straight up tries to murder the guy despite being 'such a huge fan.' his dickishness is a direct byproduct of his treatment in curdun cay, and i in no way fault him for that, but in the terms of a romantic relationship i feel like the whole 'you tried to kill me' thing would have to be discussed and i feel like eugene wouldn't really have a satisfying reason for delsin?

also note what you said about bad karma, him quickly becoming the bully he’s always despised. it’s my firm belief as well as others’ that eugene has a natural leniency towards bad karma, and fetch towards good karma, this is especially clear when you look at the upgrade trees and you see how neon has far more good karma upgrades, and video has far more bad karma upgrades. it’s also why i think he’s kind of a dick; he’s not at all fussed by slaughtering the akurans for harassing conduits, while fetch has to be baited and coerced to attack lifeline activists. on the opposite end of the spectrum fetch is more than willing to take delsin’s advice and start focusing on the bigger picture of the underworld, and eugene, again, has to be baited and coerced into helping the people he was all too eager to let loose onto the streets.

do i think eugene is a bad person? not at all. he’s been dealt a raw hand in life and it hasn’t exactly made him a people person.

                               “Here’s the deal, scumbag.
                                    You and your guys get the hell out of th’city,
                                         and I won’t laze a hole through your chest.”